Pre-order products

To allow visitors to pre-order a specific product format before its official release date, set the preorder_on value. The preorder_on value must precede the release_on value.

  1. Navigate to the Edit Product Format form.

  2. Set the Pre-order Date value to a date that precedes the Release Date.

    TitleLeaf: Edit product format dates

  3. Click the Save button at the bottom of the Edit Product Format page. The product format will be available for pre-order once the nightly activation process1 is complete.

1 Note: Every night at midnight, TitleLeaf will check a product formats pre-order date against the current date. If the pre-order date is less than the current date, then the product format will be activated (NYP => ACT). If not, then the product format will be deactivated (ACT => NYP).

2 Note: The pre-order functionality was previously controlled by a global Setting. All products formats would be available for pre-order a given number of days before their release date. That functionality has been removed. Pre-order functionality is now controlled on the product format level.