FTP draft ingestion

Draft (aka pagination) PDF files can be added to the database via the Ingestion section of the website admin or via FTP. This document describes the latter.

If you have yet to receive an FTP account for ingestion purposes (which is distinct from that for production purposes), please contact the info@titleleaf.com.

Please be aware of the general FTP ingestion rules before uploading.

Draft file specifications:

  • PDF format

Draft file naming convention:

  • 13-digit ISBN + "_draft" + extension (e.g., 9781585368396_draft.pdf)
  • Do not include hyphens in the ISBN

Note: The root directory of the FTP account is processed every hour on the half hour (e.g., 8:30, 9:30, etc). You can consult the ingestion list the following day to determine if the uploaded files were properly processed. Keep in mind that the file name dictates how the file is processed. If the file name does not adhere to the naming convention, then the file will fail to be processed.